Collar Stays

  1. modelcollarstayClean Your Dirty Nails
    It’s Monday morning and you’ve got an important new client meeting in five minutes. You spent the bulk of your Sunday resodding the backyard and it’s apparent when you look down at your soil tipped fingernails as you rush to the elevator. You know the importance of first impressions and the value of showing this guy you’re not a hobo that jumps train-cars for a living.  Your quick thinking pays off as you pull out your Bird Dog Bay Collar Stay and do a remarkable clean up job on the way up to the 34th floor… Your fast-on-your-feet mental wit helps you land that client, and of course, now have a great story for the passengers of the elevator on the way down.
  2. Bottle Opener
    We’re not sure how he worked the angle, but one of Steve’s best friends did this during a Christmas party this past December. A lady party guest came up to his group with a handful of Half Acre Lagers not realizing they weren’t twist tops as she passed them out. Everyone came up empty pockets for a bottle opener when Steve’s buddy pulled out his Bird Dog Bay Collar Stay from his shirt and popped the tops like a seasoned barkeep…Needless to say, that night he didn’t sleep alone.
  3. Fishing Lure
    Steve’s dad is one of those rare guys that can sit contently for hours on an empty paint bucket in sub-zero weather looking at his 12” hole he cut in the ice. He rarely catches anything, and when he does he throws it back. Though I’m guessing his fishing philosophy has little to do with the act of hooking a large mouth bass and more to do with being in the frigid throws of our mid-western elements. He strung up one of our collar stays last season solely so we could use it here in our copy, though he told us all he caught that day was a head cold. Maybe, you’ll have better lure-luck if you give it a whirl and fish story, for that matter.
  4. Pick A Lock
    Sure it’s nice to have perfectly polished twenty two carat gold plated collar stays, but imagine pulling one of these babies out of your shirt collar while having a beer with your co-workers all scratched up and dinged. You continue to tell them the story about the time you used it to pick the door lock for a beautiful woman who accidentally left her keys in her Range Rover. No doubt about it, you’ll be that happy hour’s great-story-hero.
  5. Carve “I Heart You” in a tree
    We don’t condone defacing nature in any capacity, but the idea of spending a summer afternoon under your very own Giving Tree with your true love is simply the most staple-romantic hopes we should all be lucky enough to share.
  6. Dog Tag
    Our company mascot, Gus the dog, actually wears one of the 2” gold plated stays around his collar. His very own personalized bling to show off to the lady labs at the dog park that he’s a real somebody…“Good Morning, I’m Gus and I’m successful… Do you mind if I smell your butt?
  7. Flat Head Screwdriver
    Imagine: You’re trapped in an elevator with a group of frightened passengers. The emergency box latch is stuck and you need to Bruce Willis out the top hatch. How cool will it be when you pull a Bird Dog Bay 12 Gauge Collar Stay from your dress shirt to unscrew the top panel to rescue you’re now forever indebted friends. You, of course, are a hero.
  8. Arrow Tip Spear
    You’re plane has crashed into the Rockies, you’re hundreds of miles from civilization and all you have to survive are the clothes on your back. It’s now time to channel your inner Bear Grylls. Pull out that collar stay, sharpen it on a rock to a fine point and MacGyver a sweet spear to lance some tasty rabbit stew. As you now know, Bird Dog Bay isn’t just an apparel company, we are also in the business of saving lives.
  9. Repair A Golf Divot
    You’re on the practice green working on your short game while you wait for the last guy in your foursome to show up before you hit the clubhouse to change into your golf gear… “Four!” Some putz shanks a shot on the 18th and it lands five feet from your putt leaving a huge dent in the green. You take the high road and pull out your Bird Dog Bay collar stay from your dress shirt and get to the simple repair job. When you finish the clean up you wipe most the dirt off the stay on your slacks and casually slide it back in your collar like it’s a well-hidden multi-tool. Your on looking friends positively shake their heads in silent admiration at your humble yet clever deed. You in-turn have surely locked up good karma for the back nine.
  10. Straighten Your Shirt Collar
    I guess you can actually use them to straighten your collar, but what fun is that?

Last Thought:
If you’ve gotten this far reading our ridiculous alternate uses for Bird Dog Bay’s 12 Gauge Collar Stays but have a knock-up addition drop us a line  and if it reaches our rigorous standards we’ll make sure to post it with your credits.