“Represent Your Peeps” -Easter 2014

“Last Sunday was a double whammy of a day. Some people embraced the warm weather, opting for yard work or an outdoor BBQ. Other folks–yours truly included–watched Bubba Watson pull away from Jordan Spieth to claim his second green jacket in three years. And while Sunday was great for The Masters, the warm weather, the return of “Mad Men,” and so many other things, Sunday was also good as it was Palm Sunday–meaning Easter and candy was one week away.


Easter, as I’ve come to learn, is a big holiday around Bird Dog Bay; not for any real reason, save a widespread love of sweets and the opportunity for Steve to draw another handsome Spring tie. Featured below are two offerings–“Tasty Peeps” and “Easter Tie”–which are available in our studio now, just in time for this Sunday’s festivities.

The first, “Tasty Peeps,”  is our new offering for Spring 2014. Available in coral, yellow, and blue, this tie features a bunny and his ideal meal, a couple delicious Peeps. This tie is an absolute perfect choice for any occasion next Sunday, providing an air of personality without being outrageous. Its repeating pattern exudes an air of formality, but upon closer glance, features nothing but the Easter Bunny and the classic marshmallow treat.

Another Easter tie, titled, well, “Easter Tie”  is another option for this year. While Steve’s title is a bit basic, the tie is anything but, featuring cute chicks and the occasional bunny. Originally done for Spring 2013, the design proved to be a mainstay in our collection, the perfect accessory for those desiring a bunny tie or chicken tie in his Easter basket. “Easter Tie” is available in Green and pairs perfectly with a navy blazer, oxford, and loafers.

If “Tasty Peeps” and “Easter Tie” are a bit too much for you, as always, Bird Dog Bay has you covered. Other great seasonal options include “The White Stripes” or “Neapolitan Plaid,” each in an array of colors, for a more formal look. Regardless, whether next Sunday’s plans include a trip to Mass or a get-together with friends and family, make sure to knot up with one of Bird Dog Bay’s Easter ties to attract cute chicks or some-bunny special.”

Zachary Workman