“Hoppy Hour”

Summertime seems to bring an elated feeling of jubilance here in Chicago. The city seems to double in size and opportunity. Every bar seems packed, every beach filled, and every apartment rooftop crowded. At each of these locations there always seems to be one constant…Beer. Ah, yes that delightful fermented beverage that brings people together around the world… Beer has even found its way onto one of Bird Dog Bay’s necktie designs… Yes. A beer themed tie.

Steve explains how our “Hoppy Hour” tie came to be…

“One of my best buddies, Matt Gallagher, is the head brewer and co-owner of Half Acre Brewery in Chicago. He started as a home brewer when he lived next door to me in Humboldt Park, and six years later he has built one of the biggest, most respected microbreweries in all of Cook County. At the start, he planted three strains of hops in the front lawn to get the business started; now just a handful of summers later those hops grow all the way to the roof and Matt still comes back to that house to harvest them for a special small batch every fall. Here’s a nod to my buddy, an inspiration to me and this design. Swing by the taproom if you’re ever in Chicago and get a brewery tour: http://halfacrebeer.com/

FYI: Modest ass kissing gets you free Daisy Cutter Pale Ales for life.”

“Hoppy Hour” comes in three colors and is worn best alongside a cold pint… Cheers!