Jolly Roger offers a Bird Dog Bay “Haunt”

Steve has never chosen to move forward with a Halloween necktie design. Maybe it has something to do with the nature of the holiday or the market, or maybe he’s just scared. I took on the challenge though of finding a necktie deign that could be classified as spooky or Halloween-esque and discovered Jolly Roger in red from this Fall’s collection offers the right amount of haunt to be classified as a Halloween tie design. Originally the Jolly Roger necktie was printed in bright pink, mint, and violet for our Spring 2014 Collection. The tie had a very nautical and preppy feel to it and conjured up the image of pirates, cocktail parties, and the social elite. The Jolly Roger tie design was in fact so popular that we had to bring it back for this fall. Steve chose a nice light blue and red as the color choices for the design. Jolly Roger in red, seems to give me a darker and spookier feeling than its predecessors. (See below)


Maybe its because red is the color of blood, or possibly the red/ and black color story that is working… whatever it is, I personally find it to be our scariest silk illustration. Skull and crossbones on red seems to stoke a sense of fear. Tie it on for the office this Halloween or wear it as part of your costume. I’m sure one can think of a great costume… If it were me, I would tie on this red Jolly Roger tie and be a Bird Dog Bay fan. Whatever you do this October 31st, have a Happy Halloween! Uahahahahaha