Hooter Hunt

Owls seem to be such an overlooked and beautiful part of the animal world. With their large talons, bountiful coats, and ominous eyes, Owls have a strong and charismatically unique physical character. Steve, is a self proclaimed animal lover, that should be pretty apparent after gazing over our collection of mens neckwear. We have gorilla ties, elephant ties, gator ties, lobster ties, horse ties, a couple dogs ties, and now we have added an owl tie to our extensive collection. The wise bird of prey is a symbol of mystery and of wealth and knowledge, all compelling traits.


The design Steve drew showcases the wise owl in flight after capturing a mouse, It is playful, saturnine, and interesting just like the bird itself. It comes in lime green (a great accent against a fall sport coat, as well as a classic french blue. Steve also made the design in a rich navy blue for all the Rice Owl alumni and friends around the country. Overall, Hooter Hunt provides folks with a fun tie that is wise anytime of the year.