Black Tie Bamboozeled

With each passing year it seems dress codes become even more confusing, obtuse and hard to decipher. Dress “code” indeed! Bird Dog Bay is the destination for fun cummerbunds, classic cummerbunds, and cummerbunds that are just plain wild!
Black Tie in particular is increasingly open to interpretation, despite its name. We have the key though – our cummerbund sets make preparing for your next special event easier than throwing back a glass of champagne. From the interesting yet still traditional Scotland Yard, to the conversation starter Morning Hunt in Blue, to the bold and confident Vintage Tapestry, there’s something for everyone and all occasions.
BDB04163  BDB05048   BDB05476
Still mystified? Don’t be – our cummerbund sets are fully adjustable and our bow ties can be pre-tied for you. We’re more than happy to help with the upcoming event, just remember to throw an invitation our way!