Off to the Races

The Kentucky Derby is less than a fortnight away! If you have never been to the Derby, then please do yourself a favor and cancel whatever plans you have for Saturday, May 2nd and Go! here at Bird Dog Bay, the Derby acts in a way as holiday for us. People from all over the country flock to birddog to check out our equestrian themed ties, derby themed socks, and bright and festive dress shirts. Our line seems to go hand in hand with the Kentucky Derby and all of the festivities surrounding it! This Spring our collection has a myriad of options for getting that perfect derby look!

Derby Dreams is clearly the frontrunner of our Derby themed neckwear this season. Complete with a jockey, bits, and a beautiful steed racing for the finish, this tie will receive accolades from every big hatted gal in town.


Another more conservative and classic option is “Just A Bit” in mint. Imagine this tie, in a bow, with a seersucker suit… They might just declare you the winner and give you a coat of roses.



Now you need a new shirt to pair with your tie, luckily our shirts were designed to match that whimsical derby tie. Try out our classic MacFarlane Gingham with any tie we sell… (Yes, that mint julep you may spill on it will come out at the dry cleaners)


Finally, the finishing touch is needed. Socks… Really, any pair will add the fantastic finishing touch to your ensemble. Yet, the granddaddy of them all has to be the Trifectas…


Grab one of these whimsical Bird Dog Bay items, and you will be the talk of that charming Louisville town this Spring!