Gone Fishin’- Grand Slam Traffic Jam

Bird Dog Bay might have the most extensive collection of fishing themed neckties on the markets. Fishing bow ties, fishing neckties, fishing cummerbunds… You name the fish, we most likely have a tie with one on it. This season Steve drew a saltwater fishing tie that has fans going bonkers! Check out Grand Slam Traffic Jam. For those of you not in the know, A grand slam is when you catch a permit, a snook, a tarpon, and a bonefish all in the same day. Quite a feat… some say it cannot be done. If you can’t catch all the fish, then grab one of our ties, then you can say you have a grand slam! My personal favorite is the Grand Slam in violet. The subtleness of the white and blue contrast well with a white or blue dress shirt and it make for a lovely combination. Sometimes, it is difficult finding a crazy purple whimsical tie, that can also be seen as subtle and conservative… This one can play both sides… It also may be one of our best selling fish ties we have!


Pair it with our Clarkson Dress Shirt for the ultimate Bird Dog Bay look, but be careful… you might end up with some “lady fish” tugging at the end of your line!