Bird Dog Bay Classic Neckties

Steve has been designing neckties for decades now… He has created quite the portfolio of creative neckties. Some of the designs from our first couple of years in business have earned the right to be called “Bird Dog Bay classics”… These are ties that have endured the test of time, and either come back each season or live on in eternal glory… Three classics, we would like to highlight today are Open Season, 800 lb. Gorilla, and Deer Season… Each tie has it own unique character and came in several whimsical and unique colors patters.

Open Season is a Bird Dog Bay staple. It comes back every season in a new color for our fans. My personal favorite is Open Season in orange. Something about that bright hunting orange makes this the perfect autumn day tie, and great hunting themed necktie.



Another winner in the hunting genre is Deer Season. Another great hunting themed tie, completed with guns, a taxidermy deer head and a soft coral color, give this tie a unique and compelling design. Once again, a great necktie to tie on for a fall event or a spring formal.



A final Bird Dog Bay classic, we wanted to mention today is 800 lb Gorilla. You simply can’t avoid any 800-LB gorilla with this tie. Face the issues with humor in this monkey tie that seems to be perfect for just about any man. It is quirky, impressive, and conversation. Just a perfect tie, and a Bird Dog Bay classic.