Shotgun Shell Cufflinks

Bird Dog Bay 12 Gauge Cufflinks

Cufflinks are such a timeless, and classic accessory for gentleman. Bird Dog Bay has made a mark by creating our own unique shotgun shell cufflinks that make one heck of a statement. Imagine walking up to the bar to place a drink order, and upon your drink arriving, you take your hands out of your pockets and place them upon the bar. Anyone that notices your Bird Dog Bay shotgun shell cufflinks will know you dress like a man.

Our 12 gauge links are the perfect gift for the sportsman, the businessman, or both… They are a blast! literally… Try out the black 12 gauge links with a tuxedo, the red 12 gauge links with a sport coat, or the orange 12 gauge links without a jacket for a more casual look. Anyway you go, you are sure to be a big SHOT!

BDB03202A BDB03202


What a Racket! (Bird Dog Bay Tennis Tie)

Tennis ties can be seen as a classic. In the sport’s origins, players actually wore ties on the court… quite a different style from today’s sleeveless shirt, backwards cap swinging stars of the game. here at Bird Dog Bay, we have always been fans of the gentlemen’s game. Racket Love was, one of Bird Dog bay’s most popular tennis ties, and this Spring, We introduced a new tennis tie! It is named What a Racket, and has already been a grand slam smash! It is “served” in a couple different colors and it a great tie to wear at the club or the office, especially during Wimbledon, or the US Open!


Always on the hunt to innovate in new ways, Steve really wanted to combine our renowned whimsy with a clean, neat pattern. These efforts delivered this number; tie it on and we guarantee you’ll get some love even when off the tennis court. It’s a hit!


Crazy Socks Craze!- Mermaid Sock

Here at Bird Dog Bay, Steve is always always looking to give our fans we they want! We value feedback, and love recommendations of items to bring into the line… Our peruvian pima cotton dress socks have been a great way to introduction fun whimsical design ideas into the line… We would like to point out a great summer sock to get the conversation started at the club this summer…

The Mermaid sock is a great nautical nod to the beauty beneath the waves. This sock has a bright and summer time color pattern that is perfect for an afternoon by the shore, or dinner on the town.


Ahoy! What a fun sock… Keep giving us feedback and maybe someday there could be a dinosaur sock, or a zebra sock, or even a Sasquatch sock! Who knows?!?! Steve loves to give the people what they want!


Small Bills… Big Bills…

Steve has always had fond memories of fishing with his dad… this is illustrated (literally) in many of our designs here at Bird Dog Bay. Steve has conducted hundred of hours of research into certain types of fish, the best way to illustrate them, and which fish look the best on silk neckties, socks, and other Bird Dog Bay accessories.

Small Bills has quickly become a Bird Dog Bay favorite. In several fun colors, these tie has a marlin, swordfish, and sailfish! All in one tie! The way the colors of the fish contrast with the bright tie make this one a great catch!


Blue marlin is an older design that also makes for a great conversation starter… Several Marlin enthusiast publications have reached out to us with numerous accolades about this whimsy design!


Finally, Steve’s silk drawings were so well like, that he made them into a pair of pima cotton dress socks! Sailfish dress socks to be exact! Big Bills gives those retired men not needing to don a tie, a reason to wear some big fish themed accessory!



There ya have it! Bird Dog Bay is the place for marlin themed ties, fish themed gifts, and sailfish socks for all!