Crazy Socks Craze!- Mermaid Sock

Here at Bird Dog Bay, Steve is always always looking to give our fans we they want! We value feedback, and love recommendations of items to bring into the line… Our peruvian pima cotton dress socks have been a great way to introduction fun whimsical design ideas into the line… We would like to point out a great summer sock to get the conversation started at the club this summer…

The Mermaid sock is a great nautical nod to the beauty beneath the waves. This sock has a bright and summer time color pattern that is perfect for an afternoon by the shore, or dinner on the town.


Ahoy! What a fun sock… Keep giving us feedback and maybe someday there could be a dinosaur sock, or a zebra sock, or even a Sasquatch sock! Who knows?!?! Steve loves to give the people what they want!