What a Racket! (Bird Dog Bay Tennis Tie)

Tennis ties can be seen as a classic. In the sport’s origins, players actually wore ties on the court… quite a different style from today’s sleeveless shirt, backwards cap swinging stars of the game. here at Bird Dog Bay, we have always been fans of the gentlemen’s game. Racket Love was, one of Bird Dog bay’s most popular tennis ties, and this Spring, We introduced a new tennis tie! It is named What a Racket, and has already been a grand slam smash! It is “served” in a couple different colors and it a great tie to wear at the club or the office, especially during Wimbledon, or the US Open!


Always on the hunt to innovate in new ways, Steve really wanted to combine our renowned whimsy with a clean, neat pattern. These efforts delivered this number; tie it on and we guarantee you’ll get some love even when off the tennis court. It’s a hit!