Deer Season


Deer have always been a seasonal motif in Bird Dog Bay collections. From Steve’s old “Rudy and The Gang” tie featuring reindeer to our “Big Bucks” tie, more often than not will a fall collection feature something deer related!

 Two of the most recent designs to be featured are “Deer Season” and “The Buck Stops Here.” “Deer Season” is a standard of ours, featuring a mounted buck head with two crossed rifles. Given the sheer number of silk designs related to bird hunting, whether upland or duck, we thought it wise to give a nod to the deer hunters who wear our ties.

 The second design, “The Buck Stops Here” is an entirely new silk for this fall! With a majestic looking buck parading through a swampy marsh, “The Buck Stops Here” is a more open design which accommodates one of our tightly checked dress shirts with ease. Geared toward the deer enthusiast, you can show your love in two great colors this season, red and orange