Bird Dog Bay Bow Ties


Our bows are unique. Whimsical…sophisticated… and truly one of kind pieces of art! I am sure a lot of people say that, but we feel ours truly are. Hand drawn, hand made, and hand crafted and inspected… They are 100 % silk pieces of art and joy meant to be tied and enjoyed by all.  Ski Jump is a fun new bow design this Fall available in both Navy (pictured) and royal blue… You don’t need to barrel down a mountain at 60+ miles per hour or throw yourself 800+ feet to pull off this skiing bow tie. For a first place combination, match it with one of our tightly patterned dress shirts.

We also have another new fall favorite, pictured above… in When Pigs Fly… Surely, pigs won’t have to fly and hell won’t have to freeze over for you to look great in this bow tie–much like our pink friend here, the only place you’ll go when you put this on is up when you tie this one on!

All of our bow ties are adjustable from 15″ to 19.5” and have a width of 2.5”. All bows are to-tie, not pre-tied. If you’d like us to pre-tie before shipping, please let us know… We will take care of it for ya! Order one today, and get the conversation started!