Turkey Call


The Fall/Holiday collection is always an exciting one at Bird Dog Bay. Alongside featuring the bulk of our sporting themes, we’re also able to include a number of silks which work perfectly with the season. And while it seems every tie company has a Christmas tie or two, it occurred to us a few years back that not everyone offered a choice for Thanksgiving–enter our “Turkey Call” tie!

While “Turkey Call” is our latest offering, it certainly isn’t our first. For a few seasons prior to this, we offered a tie called “Turkey Trot,” featuring a tom and two hens. While a wonderful choice, we returned to the drawing board this season with “Turkey Call,” and like to think we’ve done pretty well!

Featuring a tom placed on garland, “Turkey Call” is a step and repeat pattern that is available in gold, red, and olive. Perfect for the season, “Turkey Call” is best worn with a navy blazer or your favorite tweed sport coat, and guarantees you won’t look like a turkey yourself this fall!