It’s Formal Season!


Black Tie Bonanza

For some, a tie qualifies as “dressing up”; for others, a tie is simply part of his daily outfit. For all, however, a cummerbund universally qualifies something as a special occasion. Whether a wedding, a gala, a ball, whatever–Bird Dog Bay is second to none when it comes to our cummerbund selection!

Featuring a handful of new designs for the season alongside some fan favorites, we guarantee you’ll pick a winner from our unrivaled collection. With both whimsical and traditional options available, we have a choice for each and every occasion. 

Additionally, if outfitting your groomsmen or purchasing for a large group, we’re happy to offer a discount–just let us know!


Bird Calls: On Point


Design #286: ON POINT

When Bird Dog Bay released its first collection of neckwear in 2006, all neckties were exclusively 100% printed silk. Though Steve Mayer, our founder and illustrator, cut his teeth as an English woven silk designer for twelve years prior to that collection, he chose to employ printed silk in our inaugural venture. At the time, there was a resurgence in the market of prints, and he found his craft best translated to this medium.

As time passed, however, the opportunity to branch out presented itself. A few years ago, we released our first run of woven neckties and bow ties, all still 100% 18 momme weight silk. After incorporating other seasonal styles like wools and linens, we introduced a set of cotton/linen blends, one of which is seen here.

“On Point,” featured above, marked a great example of utilizing additional fabrics in our neckties. While almost all of our offerings are still 100% 18 momme weight silk, it’s nonetheless exciting to develop fresh takes season after season. When designing these panel ties, it was Steve’s goal to pay tribute to older insignia ties popular years ago. By incorporating some of our most popular themes, Steve knocked this one out of the park, providing a style enjoyed by guys no matter their interest.


Trackside Essentials



Run for the Roses
The week of May is always special. With winter finally in the rearview mirror, over 100,000 individuals descend on Louisville, KY for the Kentucky Derby. The first race of the famed Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby celebrates its 142nd running this year, drawing attention across the nation and world.

Whether making your way to Millionaires Row or joining friends locally, Bird Dog Bay has the perfect accessory to show your affinity for “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports.” From neckties displaying thoroughbred scenes to bow ties adorned with horseshoes, any of our choices will complement your seersucker suit or white bucks. If you find yourself at a more casual affair, opt for one of our bright pairs of socks to fit the mood!


The Perfect Gift: Matching Cufflinks


Perfect Pairings  

At Bird Dog Bay, we’re always on the hunt to to try something new. From Steve’s first collection of original illustrations ten years ago to today’s offerings, we like to think we have something for everyone. 


Alongside Steve’s work in illustrating our neckties, he also looks far and wide to develop our product offerings. In his neckwear construction, he makes sure each design is tailored to fit any number of products, from hats to socks to pocket squares. Years ago, however, he was struck with an idea after seeing an old button maker: could he fashion his illustrations to fit a cufflink crafted with our silk? In short, yes!


While we look to match themes throughout our collections, arguably the most impressive of these is when we coordinate our neckwear and cufflinks. “Aboat Time,” pictured above, is one such elegant example. Each design is crafted to fit on the 1 and 9/32″ silk template to adorn the cufflink perfectly. For those gentlemen who enjoy matching their ties and cufflinks, we’ve got you covered, making sure you strike a perfect balance of being formal and fun.


As you read this, Steve is hard at work on our next collection of neckwear and cufflink companions. As we travel the country at trunk shows this spring and summer, keep an eye out for us and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see!


Bird Calls: Drunken Crab & Old Man And The Sea


Bird Calls: Drunken Crab and Old Man & The Sea

Nautical themes have always made up a large portion of our spring and summer collections. With dozens of wholesale accounts from the tip of Maine to the toe of Florida–not to mention hundreds of wonderful customers!–Steve is always looking to draw a new classic for our collection.

When looking at Steve’s illustrations, it’s clear that they’re the product of an involved process. Working to this day with the same drafting pencil he started with some twenty years ago, Steve aims to transpose his vision to paper and then to silk, crafting dozens of great new designs every season. Though Steve often nails it right off the bat, the two designs below are ones that took a bit more time to perfect.

The first, “Drunken Crab,” is actually the third variation of this theme. A nice repeating pattern, “Drunken Crab” features a cool crustacean throwing back a cold one, and last appeared in a previous form in 2013. While the design was popular, Steve thought he could do better, and was able to successfully reinvent the pattern. It’s active without being overwhelming, striking a perfect balance of appearing like a simple pattern at a distance before its true nature is seen up close. “Drunken Crab” is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of fun, and is the perfect choice for that summer cocktail party or wedding.

While “Drunken Crab” evolved over time, this season marks the inaugural release of our “Old Man and the Sea” tie, also seen above. Though it had been in his file for a number of years, “Old Man and the Sea” was finally perfected this year. Steve had worked hard to draw the motif and pay tribute to Hemingway’s famous work, yet discovered it to be a trickier venture than he originally thought. Between balancing the marlin and boat and fitting all the subtle details in, it took a number of silk screens to get to where he needed to be. When the dust settled, however, Steve nailed it on this one: a great step and repeat, showcasing the sophisticated whimsy for which we’re known.


Fill Our Tie Case and Get It Free


Four for the Future

Spring has always been the season of birth and renewal. The temperatures rise, the birds sing, and the leaves return. Spring also marks the college commencement process, with thousands of seniors moving onward and upward in life.

If you’re still in search of the perfect gift for your new grad, look no further: through this Sunday at midnight, buy any four neckties and receive a free Bird Dog Bay tie case. Retailing for $188, each tie case is 100% American aniline leather, featuring a fully lined interior and brass hardware. Manufactured by Florida-based Korchmar, each soft, durable case is sure to protect your neckwear while also serving a lifetime of adventures.

Wondering what to pick? Choose a traditional tie for interviews, and a bit of whimsy sure to spark conversation at a cocktail party. Grab a necktie with school colors for Homecoming, and pick out a sharp one for weddings. No matter where they go, we’ll help you have them covered. In order to claim this offer, enter “GradGift” in the gift message section and we’ll take care of the rest!


Never Before Seen Leather Goods!


Leather Report

Now online, our latest round of leather goods! Manufactured by Florida-based Korchmar, this assortment features leather and twill options that go the distance. Whether a weekender constructed of full grain Texas steer or a rugged, refined messenger bag composed of waxed cotton twill, each bag is certain to stand the test of time.

With Korchmar’s passion for excellence, these bags are the perfect complement to all your Bird Dog Bay gear. Each piece arrives with a luggage tag stamped with the Bird Dog Bay logo featuring our favorite bird dog of all, Gus.


Our New Silk Pedigree Collection


New Tricks for an Old Dog

Brand new for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection: The Pedigree Collection! Featuring whimsical motifs on a woven silk medium, the Pedigree Collection silks are designed by Steve and based on the classic English Club tie. Inspired by Steve’s original work–after all, he trained and started as a woven silk designer twenty years ago–each necktie and bow tie boasts silk woven at a 300 year old English mill before it is handmade and finished in the United States.

To match these new silks, we’re also eager to showcase our premier run of Pedigree Cufflinks. Each set is constructed of Pedigree Collection silk in our Chicago studio and features a matching motif. Handmade and featuring a durable brass backing, you’re sure to find your new favorite pair.


Bird Calls: Derby Season Silks




Equestrian themes have always maintained a presence in our collections. Since Steve first sat down over ten years ago to craft our inaugural collection, well, we’ve done it all! Whether a fox hunting step and repeat, a pattern geared toward racing enthusiasts, or a simple motif like horseshoes, we’ve always liked to include some items for those geared toward riding.

As to be expected, one of the largest events of the year for us is the Kentucky Derby. The first leg of the esteemed Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby is widely known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” Alongside the race itself, the race is famous for its mint juleps, roses, and impeccably dressed spectators. With a solid footprint of stores and fans in the Bluegrass State, it’s no surprise many attendees opt for Bird Dog Bay neckwear with their seersucker suits and saddle shoes. Below are a few of our favorites for May.

The first, “And They’re Off,” is a lovely number showing galloping horses mid-race. A medium sized pattern avaiable in three different colors, “And They’re Off” made a return this season after first debuting in 2013. Outside of being a versatile option for a suit or sport coat, its detail encompasses the quality for which we’re known. From the details on the jockey silk to the shadowing on the horses, Steve got everything. Heck, even look at the clouds of dirt being kicked up by the horses!

“Horseshoe Heaven,” is a brand new silk design for this season. Steve originally drew a tie in 2014 called “Lucky Horseshoe,” popular with the St. Patrick’s Day and horseracing crowd. When putting pen to paper for this collection, he hoped to work a horseshoe back in–but how? After a few drafts, “Horseshoe Heaven” was born, a tight step and repeat perfect for a solid or striped shirt.

The third design might not appear at first glance to be Kentucky Derby-related, but it ties in (no pun intended!) to the history of Louisville. Our “Fleur de Lis” tie, an elegant choice, is the perfect selection for a more conservative or traditional gentleman. The city of Louisville proudly sports the French emblem in its seal, and this silk can serve as a nod to the city, its people, and its culture.

When making your selection for May 7th, look no further than Bird Dog Bay. With any of the choices above, you’re sure to place first.


Our Top Picks for Golfers


With the Masters Tournament in full swing at Augusta National and spring on the horizon, we thought there was no better time preview our latest collection of golf gear! Certain to make your personal style cut, we have the best selection of whimsical neckwear and accessories to bring your game to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a scratch golfer or your favorite hole is the 19th: if you’re a lover of the game, we have the perfect golf accessory. From new 100% silk designs like “Golf Buddies” to fan favorites like “Hazard on Eight,” we’ll make sure you look your best from the clubhouse to the boardroom. If your approach is more casual, look no further than a pair of our golf-themed socks, all composed of Peruvian Pima cotton and measuring mid-calf.


Bird Calls: Southern Soiree


2016 is a milestone year for Bird Dog Bay. After thousands of miles traveled, hundreds of silk designs and products, and a commitment to doing what we love, we’re proud to have recently celebrated our tenth year in business!

In these hundreds of designs, all illustrated by Steve, we’re happy to offer something new each and every season. Here’s one of our favorites!

Design #309: Southern Soiree

 What do cotton, football, alligators, hunting dogs and guitars have in common? They are all things that are popular below the Mason-Dixon. Since the inception of Bird Dog Bay, we’ve always found a lot of friends in the South. We opened many of our new accounts there and got off to a great start with orders coming from Texas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and more.


Season after season, Steve’s asked to draw specific designs for Southern states. He’s tried to keep up, whether it was fleur de lis and jazz quartets for Louisiana, elephants and tigers for Alabama, oil rigs for Texas, and the fan-favorite cotton boll, these southern flavors are included in almost every collection.


When brainstorming Southern Soiree (pictured above), Steve realized that it would be a part of the Spring 2016 collection, right around our 10-year anniversary. We had to make sure that the South was represented heavily in the collection but couldn’t nail down one design. As Steve looked at his piles of paper, each with a different drawing representing the south, the light bulb went off: it’s time to include them all!


The color ways of blue, coral and mint were picked to ensure an easy match with a wide variety of shirt colors. We think the best matches are Berwyn, Camden, and Danbury respectively, but feel free to mix and match for your next Southern Soiree!

Thanks for the inspiration over the past 10 years. We’re looking forward to all the new ideas in the next 10!