Bird Calls: Hook, Line & Stripers

BC-Hook Line and Stripers

Reel ‘Em In

One of the things for which Bird Dog Bay is best known is our sporting designs. Two of our fan favorites from our first collections include “Sittin’ Shotgun” and “Hooked On Flies,” classics which have stood the test of time. Steve, an amateur fly fisherman himself, has paid tribute to his hobby in a number ways in our tie designs and product offerings (our Fly Link cufflinks, for example) over the years.

“Hook, Line & Stripers” was initially introduced in 2013 under a different name, “Summer Stripers.” While the motif and initial illustration work were essentially the same, Steve made a few changes for its inclusion in this season’s collection. The original “Summer Stripers” came in select shades of blue, green, and fuchsia; while the colors were terrific for the summer, Steve hoped to rework his design and the colors to make it more accessible.

This season, with pencil in hand, Steve was able to craft a new take on his old design to rave reviews. First, he modified the size and arrangement of the stripers and the accompanying lures into a tighter, more compact pattern. Steve’s decision to do so was lead by our current run of Italian-milled dress shirts: with many open shirting patterns for the season, he hoped to provide a juxtaposition with a tighter silk pattern. Additionally, the colors were changed from their initial run, with “Hook, Line & Stripers” arriving this season in blue, coral, and seafoam. These three colors, perfect for the warm weather, pair brilliantly with your navy blazer and a great sunset no matter the occasion.”