Introducing Our Fly Lapel Pins


Lookin’ Fly!

For our tenth anniversary in the Fall of 2016, Steve knew he had to bring something new to the table. But what? Bird Dog Bay had been growing quite a bit the past few years and he had rolled out everything from boxers, to socks, to dress shirts, to a new Pedigree line, to lounge pants, to sporting caps…You get the idea. After a lot of research and development, Steve stumbled upon his old notes for the Fly Links. It was an instant inspiration; what better to bring into a line celebrating ten years of business than something inspired from one of his original ideas? The Fly Lapel Pin was born, and with it, Steve’s feather in the cap of a decade of Bird Dog Bay (side note, these pins are actually not made with feathers, but squirrel tail!)

These beauties were developed with the utmost empasis on authenticity, and each pin is handmade using true to life fly construction (there’s that squirrel tail again) with nickel plated hardware. Their first field test at a recent dance-heavy wedding proved they are both more durable than they look, and have the magical ability to reel in compliments after some really terrible rug-cutting.

Happy shopping! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to throw us a line. We can be reached at (312) 631-3108 or at