Rock Your Bow Tie Like a Champ



There are some in this world who fail to recognize the wonder that is the men’s bow tie. But you, dear reader, you are not one of those fools, those mere mortals who lack the style, the finesse, to rock a Bird Dog Bay silk bow tie. Our ties are unlike those common bow ties you’ll find at big chain retail stores, those sad, pale imitations. No, our ties are made of 100% silk, woven in England and assembled here in the USA. Better still, each of our ties features hand-drawn patterns designed by our very own Steve Mayer, our founder and sole illustrator. Bird Dog Bay bow ties have swagger to match even the most confident gentleman. Take your game even higher with these pro tips from Bird Dog Bay.


All-Star Bow Tie Tips

bowtie-image1-1Do it Yourself

If you really want to show the world how slick your style is and how serious you are, you need to learn to tie your own bow ties. Just skip those clip-ons and pre-tied varieties and walk into the realm of independence and self-reliance. Donning a bow tie puts you in a category all your own. Like Grand Pappy always says, anything worth doing is worth doing right. And with bow ties, the time you spend doing it right is an investment that will pay style dividends all week long.

Perfect Effortless

A common mistake that many gents make is assuming that their bow tie needs to be perfect. Perfect sized knot, perfect symmetry, perfect bow tie. Well, we hate to knock you perfectionists out there, but there is an art to the imperfect. Quite frankly, perfecting the imperfect bow tie can be even more challenging than making sure all your angles and proportions align. And there is charm in an asymmetrical bow tie. It shows that you tied it yourself, that you have the courage to attempt a feat that most men won’t even consider. While those other dudes are sporting a regular silk tie, you have struck out on you own, dared to be different, and you did it your way. Sinatra would be proud.

Timing is Everything

bowtie-image2-1Like a true bow tie professional, one of the things that sets you apart is knowing when and when not to sport your bow tie. Discretion is the better part of valor, and there are times when situations warrant a different style (when these situations arise, Bird Dog Bay has you covered; our silk ties are just as stylish as our bow ties). It’s important to be aware of different protocols for different social situations or else risk looking like a bow tie amateur. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Bow Ties Welcome

  • Formal events like weddings
  • At the office
  • Religious services
  • Brunch
  • Date night
  • Today, just because you want to wear one

Reconsider the Bow Tie

  • Somber events like funerals.
  • Funerals. Wait, we said that one already. Okay, so the only place we can think of that bow ties may not be the best option is funerals. So go ahead, rock your bow tie all day, every day like a boss.

For silk bow ties that wow, inspire, or just make you laugh, Bird Dog Bay has the style you are looking for. Browse our selection and start rockin’ your bow tie like a pro today.