Beau Brummel Stripe: Bow – Light Blue

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Beau Brummel, the gent that started it all! Credited with inventing the necktie, we offer this tribute to him. This versatile pattern can be worn anytime, anwhere. It’s a classic for a reason!


This ‘Beau Brummel Stripe’ design is specially made from 100% woven silk.

Each of our bow ties are outfitted with a fastener next to the hardware slide, allowing them to be tied and unhooked. Our bow ties are adjustable from 15″ to 18”, with a width of 2.5”. Crafted by hand in the USA.

All bows are to-tie, not pre-tied. If you’d like us to pre-tie before shipping, please let us know in the gift notes section at checkout.

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    Beau Brummel Stripe: Bow – Mint

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