Bushwood Boogie: Tie – Mid Blue

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Golf has always been a strong theme of ours, and years ago, we had a clever little design called Gopher on Four. Reborn as Bushwood Boogie with a nod to Chicago’s very own native son Bill Murray.


Our designs are hand-printed on 18 momme, 100% silk, and constructed by hand. Made in the USA.

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Additional Colors

  • Bushwood Boogie: Tie - Red

    Bushwood Boogie: Tie – Red

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  • Big Swing Club Tie: Tie – Purple

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  • Birdie on Three: Tie - Light Blue

    Birdie on Three: Tie – Light Blue

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  • Slice! Club Tie: Tie – Green

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  • Fairway Fliers: Socks – Mint

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  • Big Swing Club Tie: Tie – Navy

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  • Sale!

    Skull & Cross-Clubs: Tie – Yellow

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  • Sale! Two Under Par: Tie - Pink

    Two Under Par: Tie – Pink

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  • Sale!

    Fore!: Linen – Mint

    $85.00 $35.00 Taxes and Fees

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