Fresh Powder: Cufflinks – Blue

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Steve actually sketched this one while sitting at his folks’ kitchen table in Vail, inspired by a photo he saw in that morning’s Vail Daily while on a ski trip with his buddies last spring. He would have been carving the back bowls that day, though he tore his rotator cuff showing off his very limited skiing skills to his friends and ended the remainder of his trip with a #2 pencil, sketch pad, and a sixer of Coors Light. His pain is your gain”¦


We handmake all of our 100% 18 momme silk cufflinks in our design studio in Chicago. If you see one of our silk ties but not the matching cuffs, know that we have the fabric and can make that specific cuffs just for you!

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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 5 in