World Cup

The world cup has seemed to gain some steam here in the United States! Being based in Chicago, we at Bird Dog Bay have seen first hand the intersection of patriotism and the passion for sports create a powerful movement. Grant park was filled to capacity with fans, young and old, looking to catch a glimpse of the US Men’s soccer team performance on a large screen monitor placed in the park for the Ghana and Portugal games.

The passionate energy has carried over to our ties here at Bird Dog Bay. Steve’s World Cup tie is a phenomenal example of our excitement and support for the sport and the US Men’s team. Whether you will be chanting the “I believe” US soccer call at the local pub, or sneakily watching the match on your desktop a t work, the world cup tie is a perfect complement to any outfit to show your support! The world cup is an exciting event that brings together people from all over the world and seems to divide and unite folks in mysterious ways. Pictured below is a intern David Johnsen sporting the ‘World Cup” bow in green!


Make sure to “score” with this fantastic sports themed tie that will become a wardrobe classic any day between the next 4 years… and for the next World Cup in Russia! Whoever you are rooting for, this tie has you covered. Soccer, futball, whatever… This world cup has proven the excitement has captivated the United States, and is here to stay.