“Baseball, Our National Past Tie”

Swing Batter Batter, Swing…

It is difficult to think of something more American than the game of baseball… The smell of the fresh cut grass, the sound of the rowdy crowd, the sights of people crowding into iconic ball parks to enjoy our country’s national pastime. The dog days of summer seem to find a way to bring out baseball fans, even those not remotely interested in the great sport.

In Chicago, the energy and enjoyment surrounding the game of baseball seems heightened with two storied and beloved franchises calling the Windy City home. Here at Bird Dog Bay, the office is split on which team in Chicago reigns supreme, but we can all agree that summer in Chicago means baseball!

On one side (the south side) you have the iconic black and white clad hit-men, the Chicago White Sox. Known for their hard nosed and passionate fans, along with their 2005 World Series Champion team, the Sox (as they are called by most Chicagoans) pride themselves on the their performance, beautiful ballpark, delicious hot dogs, and die hard fans. Any game at US Cellular (the cell) is sure be a hit!

On the other side (the north side) you have the storied lovable losers, the Chicago Cubs. Playing their home games at the historic Wrigley Field, (which is celebrating its 100th season) the Cubbies continue to keep their passionate and devoted fans hoping and wishing for a World Series appearance. The brick, the ivy, the bleachers, the manual scoreboard… all create an atmosphere that is unparalleled in baseball. If only they could put together a winning ball club!


Steve, being a native and loyal Chicagoan, immersed in the great baseball tradition of the city could not go another collection without making a baseball themed tie. Alas, “The National Past-Tie“… A whimsical yet traditional tie that “ties in” a classic repetitive pattern with intricate drawings of a pitcher an batter! This baseball tie is sure to be a home run with any fan of the game! The rich blue silk color seems to give the necktie and warm and jovial summer feel, while transitioning well into the Fall and Spring. The lime green bow also lights up a summer outfit in a playful way!

Whether you are sitting at home, the office, or at the ol’ ballpark, grab a maxwell street Polish, an Old Style and tie on a National Past Tie! A sports themed tie that is both professional and fun!