“Black Lab” Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year… Here at Bird Dog Bay, it is of course even crazier than usual. Despite having almost every conceivable dog tie, hunting tie, fishing, tie and so on… this time of the year we still wish we could have every tie for every person from crabs playing football ties to baseball players drinking beer ties, to dodo birds on yachts ties… but eventually the requests get to obscure… That did not stop Steve from drawing Santa Claus duck hunting… (My favorite tie of the holiday season collection)

This year we are calling black friday, “black lab friday” at bird dog bay in honor of one of Steve’s most popular tie designs…

Do you have a black lab or know someone who loves them? We have you covered. Black Lab Heaven is one of our most popular designs…We have them in several colors, even black lab socks! Shoot, I almost forgot, Steve drew Black lab boxer shorts as well… Despite having been through a couple holiday shopping season, We still find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume and anticipation during “the most wonderful time of the year.” When you are a small, humble company like Bird Dog Bay, all you can do is stay true to who you are and do your best to give the fans of Bird Dog Bay what they want!

Despite being consumed by piles of receipts, web folders of emails, and phone calls every 2 minutes, We manage to stay the course and package each tie and dress shirt in the same particular manner. Every tie folded mechanically into its individual gift box, every shirt package wrapped with care. Everyone that is a part of our small team is all hands on deck…well except for Gus the dog… He has managed to be even more lethargic and unhelpful this year. Anyway, Happy Black Friday and holiday shopping, always remember birddogbay.com is your destination to keep men looking “best in Show” this holiday season! We are here for you, no matter how cold it is in Chicago, or how crazy it is at the studio!