Skull & Bone Socie’ties’

The skull and bones symbol has been used for centuries. From medieval and prehistoric times, to today it usually conjures up a symbol of death or danger. It is seen everywhere from toxic waste containers, military uniforms, cemetaries, and even bird dog bay neckties. Our use of the skull and crossbones is probably most closely ‘tied’ to the use of the symbol in fraternities, societies, and clubs. Steve really took his necktie designs to the next level when he made the skull and cross clubs tie for this Fall’s collection. Complete with a skull on a classic pendant club crest, the bones underneath the skull head have been replaced with a crossed pair of golf irons, and a small golf ball rests on the skull’s head. It is a fun commentary on country clubs, the skull and bones symbol, and the sport of golf. In a way, it is a skull and bones tie, golf tie, and traditional club tie all in one. It is also just a well spaced statement tie to complement any navy blazer or sport coat.

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Along with the skull and cross clubs tie, we also offer the “Jolly Roger” skull and bones necktie and bow tie. The Jolly Roger offers up a more nautical vibe rather than the club and society feel of skull and cross clubs. However, it still conjures up an image of allure, secrecy and curiosity to your outfit. Yo ho ho!

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Both ties incorporate the skull and bones symbol in a fun, preppy, and a colorful manner.