Hooked on Flies

Fly fishing is an american pastime. The sport conjures up images of men in the streams and ponds across our great country… From the Snake River nestled alongside the Grnad Teton Mountains to the swamp waters of lake Okochoebee, flyfishing is a terapeutical and beautiful game between man and fish…

Steve has found a way to incorporate this beloved sport into many of our favorite ties and accessories. Hooked on Flies is a beautiful step and repeat fly fishing tie that has fly seemingly dancing across the tie in the manner they do on water… The colors also resonate well with the bright colors of the line and fish of the sport…


Two other fly fishing ties that are oldies but goodies are dry fly dreams and catch and release. Both complimeneting the best selling hooked on flies. Both of these ties, found in lime and magenta seems to draw on the colors of a rainbow tout, every fly fisherman’s favorite catch.

The sport of fly fishing hass also found its way into our collection of boxer shorts with our gone fishing boxers and pima cotton socks.

Furthermore, the cown jewel of all of Bird Dog Bay;s fly fishing giifts and accessories is our hand made fly links. These are sure to add that extra zing to any sportman’s outfit… Coming in various colors and designs you are sure to quite the catch next time to put them on.