Tie One On for Old St. Pats

Next wednesday is Saint Patricks Day. Growing up, this was never a big event for myself, other than the awareness to wear green so Joey Fleener would not pinch me on the bus. Yet, a couple of years back, I moved to Chicago… Lets just say, it is a big deal in this town. So big, in fact they die the river green. Thats right, the river that cuts through the city like a knife through a loaf of bread is dyed the greenest green you can imagine. It is quite a site to see. every pub in town is jam packed, the streets are overflowing with people of every walk of life singing. dancing, and drinking pints of guinness. If the sun is out, most people just chalk up a vacation day to celebrate. Here at Bird Dog By a we like to get ready for the big day by showcasing our fun collection of St. patrick themed ties, shirts, and accessories.

I will definitely be wearing green next week, not only for the slight chance that Joey Fleener flies up to Chicago to pinch me. but just to be in the spirit. Bird Dog Bay has quite the outfit if you really want to show off the luck of the Irish. Start off with our newest dress shirt the “Barrington” in green and blue check… pair it with our “lucky horseshoe” bow and “lucky clover” four leaf luck socks…Not to mention of selection of green goods and accessories to complement your outfit for the office or the bars… Wherever you are, tie one on! You will be the talk of town, when folks see you jig dancing down Division street in this snazzy outfit. We at Bird Dog Bay would like to wish a safe and happy St. Patricks Day to everyone, and Cheers!