Bird Dog Bay Belts

Bird Dog Bay Belts-

People sometimes forget that we make belts here at Bird Dog Bay. Apart from our unique silk belts, which are a great addition to any wardrobe… we now carry high quality surcingle and Italian woven belts. Perfect for any spring or summer outing, these belts complement your favorite chinos, dress slacks, and Bermuda shorts… They don’t look too shabby next to one of our silk tie either! Complete with Saddle Tarus Leather Tab Ends, and a fine Satin Nickel Finish on Brass Buckle. These are made right here in the USA. Take a look at two favorites from our collection: an Italian woven in Denim Blue & Surcingle in Navy/Red.

BDB05965   BDB05958


These classics are the perfect gift for the retired gentleman who doesn’t done a tie everyday, or for the youngster who needs to pull up his britches!