Flamingo Day

Today, we salute an American icon, Don Featherstone. Don sadly passed away today at the ripe old age of 79, and alongside being a sculptor, is most famous for inventing the pink flamingo lawn ornament. This little piece of Americana kitsch, first born and first produced in 1957, has become a cultural icon here in America. Some place them in yards for decoration, some place them as jokes. At the end of the day, however, it’s a bit fun little joke, not unlike what we do. Steve has always loved flamingo ties, and our collection reelects that! We may be the most flamingo fanatic tie tie company around!



To celebrate Don, we invite you to check out our own little contribution to Americana: our “Flamingo Flamenco” tie. Flamingo Flamenco… what a tie! Born right here in Steve’s studio, it’s available at http://birddogbay.com.