Shotgun Shell Cufflinks

Bird Dog Bay 12 Gauge Cufflinks

Cufflinks are such a timeless, and classic accessory for gentleman. Bird Dog Bay has made a mark by creating our own unique shotgun shell cufflinks that make one heck of a statement. Imagine walking up to the bar to place a drink order, and upon your drink arriving, you take your hands out of your pockets and place them upon the bar. Anyone that notices your Bird Dog Bay shotgun shell cufflinks will know you dress like a man.

Our 12 gauge links are the perfect gift for the sportsman, the businessman, or both… They are a blast! literally… Try out the black 12 gauge links with a tuxedo, the red 12 gauge links with a sport coat, or the orange 12 gauge links without a jacket for a more casual look. Anyway you go, you are sure to be a big SHOT!

BDB03202A BDB03202