Bird Calls: Patriotic Pinchers




It’s mid-March and we find ourselves in the midst of primary season for the 2016 election. With hotly contested races across the nation, some are “feeling the Bern” while others are “stumping for Trump.” In many ways, the nation is divided as we look to November, with the Democratic Party and Republican Party gearing up for a fierce race in the fall.

Here at Bird Dog Bay, however, we’re mostly focused on parties–or at least dressing for them. The two designs above are brand new for this season, and they’re both great options for someone with political interests no matter where they lie.

When illustrating this new collection in Vail, CO last summer, Steve hoped to incorporate silk patterns for folks with different preferences. These preferences, however, are less political and more about those who favor that sophisticated touch of whimsy for which we’re known versus those who are more conservative. For as many whimsical silks as we sell, we also sell a number of traditionals and neats, though the divide is less sharp than you’d think.

Our “Patriotic Pinchers” tie is a prime example of the former. After drawing “Dogs Love America” a few seasons back before upping the ante this spring with “American Labs,” Steve always likes to include a bit of Americana especially as we approach July. “Stafford Stripe” entered the collection as a unique take on the classic repp tie. It’s crafted with a nice balance to wear perfectly with your favorite blazer or suit, not to mention is appropriate anywhere from the boardroom to the club.

At any rate, rest assured no matter your allegiance or preference, we’ll have you knotted up and looking your best each and every season.