Bird Calls: Derby Season Silks




Equestrian themes have always maintained a presence in our collections. Since Steve first sat down over ten years ago to craft our inaugural collection, well, we’ve done it all! Whether a fox hunting step and repeat, a pattern geared toward racing enthusiasts, or a simple motif like horseshoes, we’ve always liked to include some items for those geared toward riding.

As to be expected, one of the largest events of the year for us is the Kentucky Derby. The first leg of the esteemed Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby is widely known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” Alongside the race itself, the race is famous for its mint juleps, roses, and impeccably dressed spectators. With a solid footprint of stores and fans in the Bluegrass State, it’s no surprise many attendees opt for Bird Dog Bay neckwear with their seersucker suits and saddle shoes. Below are a few of our favorites for May.

The first, “And They’re Off,” is a lovely number showing galloping horses mid-race. A medium sized pattern avaiable in three different colors, “And They’re Off” made a return this season after first debuting in 2013. Outside of being a versatile option for a suit or sport coat, its detail encompasses the quality for which we’re known. From the details on the jockey silk to the shadowing on the horses, Steve got everything. Heck, even look at the clouds of dirt being kicked up by the horses!

“Horseshoe Heaven,” is a brand new silk design for this season. Steve originally drew a tie in 2014 called “Lucky Horseshoe,” popular with the St. Patrick’s Day and horseracing crowd. When putting pen to paper for this collection, he hoped to work a horseshoe back in–but how? After a few drafts, “Horseshoe Heaven” was born, a tight step and repeat perfect for a solid or striped shirt.

The third design might not appear at first glance to be Kentucky Derby-related, but it ties in (no pun intended!) to the history of Louisville. Our “Fleur de Lis” tie, an elegant choice, is the perfect selection for a more conservative or traditional gentleman. The city of Louisville proudly sports the French emblem in its seal, and this silk can serve as a nod to the city, its people, and its culture.

When making your selection for May 7th, look no further than Bird Dog Bay. With any of the choices above, you’re sure to place first.