Bird Calls: All the Single Mermaids


An interesting part of working at Bird Dog Bay is seeing what designs are the best liked every season. We all have our predictions at the beginning of each collection, but we are continually surprised as to what all of you find most popular. One thing we noticed early on is the more whimsical, unconventional designs do quite well. Steve had this in mind years ago, when he initially drew his first mermaid tie “Mermaid Mixer” (or maybe he just grew up in the 80’s and fell in love with Daryl Hannah in the movie “Splash”). After it sold out, Steve kept getting asked if the mermaid would ever make a return. Celebrating our 10th year in business, Steve saw a great opportunity to bring it back into the collection, and worked on improving the mermaid design and incorporating it into different goods. This nautical beauty was woven strikingly into socks, embroidered into one of our favorite linen pocket squares (or hankies) and most recently made an appearance on our first ever Pedigree line of English Woven neck and bow ties.