Bird Calls: Horse Play

BC-Horse Play

A Horse, of Course!

Hailing from a small Chicago suburb called Sleepy Hollow, Steve always had a wealth of animals in his house and yard. Dogs, cats, birds, and even pet alligators took up residence at the Mayer household, all which backed up into a farm full of cows and horses. With a childhood reminiscent of Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, it’s no surprise that many of these animals make their way into Bird Dog Bay collections.

Horses are one animal that have been front and center in almost every Bird Dog Bay release. Typically, fall and winter collections feature fox hunting motifs while the spring and summer months make way for those geared toward the Triple Crown and thoroughbred racing. We’ve embraced other horse motifs along the way like lucky horseshoes, but it seems we always find our way back to these majestic animals.

“Horse Play,” a design born just this season, is one of our fun equestrian designs that doesn’t fit into any particular mold. Featuring a grazing stallion coupled with a colorful piƱata, “Horse Play” showcases just what happens–surprise!–when two very different worlds collide. A fun, festive number, “Horse Play” pairs perfectly with one of our Italian-milled dress shirts and a navy blazer for some cheeky fun–perfect for horsin’ around.”