Bird Calls: Fox in the Hen House


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Bird Dog Bay was started on the idea we could all use a little more sophisticated whimsy. Now, while Steve may not have drawn “Fox in the Hen House” until recently, it’s hard to think of a better representation of this founding thought. With the chicken high-tailing it away from the wiley fox, it may ruffle a few feathers, but that’s what Bird Dog Bay is all about. Our clever friend doesn’t seem to mind being caught in the act, but rather enjoys it, much like the time Steve and friends crashed a wedding reception at the Drake hotel in Chicago.

This smart tie is a surefire conversation starter, and is perfect for this fall’s formals and festivities. No matter the tie’s background color, the details of the shadowing, and light coloring of the chicken, make matching with a white shirt and dark jacket easier than, well, crashing an open bar reception.