Make Room in your Bag of Treats


Time to Get Dressed Up

Treat yourself to some spirited dry goods this Halloween. From our pima cotton dress socks to our English woven pedigree ties to our silk cufflinks, there’s some spooky sophistication for everyone.

Fun fact: Bird Dog Bay’s founder and sole illustrator, Steve, was raised in a town called, get this, Sleepy Hollow. Every year around this time the town embraces its namesake with some first rate reenactments and a large bonfire. We’ve celebrated the hometown with our ‘Van Tassel’ dress shirt, the surname of Ichabod Crane’s gorgeous gal. Watch out for that headless horseman!

So, make room in that candy bag for some real treats this Halloween! As always feel free to drop us a line at or (312) 631-3108 to chat, ask for advice, or share a ghost story or two.