Green Machine Fly-Link Set

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Make ’em green with envy! This efficient fly is a descendent of the ‘bomber’ which would skim the water provoking strikes. This version is a wet fly, which means it’s supposed to break the water line and spend a little up close and personal time with steelhead and salmon. The Green Machine’s reputation for efficacy and bold color make it perfect for those who like to swim against the current.


Carefully hand-tied here in Chicago, each set features authentic, durable materials ensuring a longer shelf life than most of what’s in your tackle box. Each fly is specifically designed to go in either the left or right French cuff sleeve for the sharpest possible look. Speaking of sharp, don’t worry, these beauties don’t have real hooks, and their hardware ensures they’ll hold steady all night long.

Each fly link set comes in our custom gift box. Go fish!

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