Southern Soiree: Bow – Coral

$55.00 Taxes and Fees

The South has always been a strong market for us, and as a nod to the region, we’ve put together a one stop shop necktie with some regional favorites! Featuring everything from gators and guitars to fish and footballs, this is a lovely little representation of that special way of life.


Each of our bow ties are outfitted with a fastener next to the hardware slide, allowing them to be tied and unhooked. Our bow ties are adjustable from 15″ to 18”, with a width of 2.5”. Our designs are hand-printed on 18 momme, 100% silk, and constructed by hand.

All bows are to-tie, not pre-tied. If you’d like us to pre-tie before shipping, please let us know in the gift note section.

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