Hoop Dream (Bird Dog Bay’s Basketball Tie)

“Chuck Taylor and the Rock” would have been a great name for this tie, although we didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes with our first classic basketball tie. Colored to be worn all months, not just the mad ones. The fun contrasting colors and classic pattern make this  the perfect tie for the hoopster. Rock the orange hoop dreams with a blue shirt, and you will be quoting “Hoosiers” while draining threes… Well, maybe in your head at least. Anyways, this basketball necktie is as legendary as Larry.



Go ahead and shoot the three… SHOOT IT!!!!!!!


Beetle Mania


Boomer Bugs

One of the most unique things about Bird Dog Bay is the fact each and every design in our collection originates from Steve. While it may seem like a stretch, it’s absolutely true; everything from the whimsical to the traditional is born from Steve sitting at his desk with his trusty drafting pencil and Gus at his feet.

Years ago in one of our first collections, Steve drew a great car tie called “Classic Sports.” A nice step and repeat featuring MGAs and MGBs, it was popular with the gearhead crowd and the dads who missed burnin’ rubber in their whippy British racers. A “car tie” has many options, there being so many models of cars… trucks, convertibles, sedans, but Steve decided on a classic… The Volkswagen Beetle. A classic car, das auto, is globally recognized as a unique, reliable, and speedy get around car. Set beside palm trees in two great colors, this tie is also an instant classic.

After a few years of it being absent from the collection, a trip to Los Angeles inspired Steve once more. Having met a friend in Pasadena, Steve was taken with the easygoing nature of the The Golden State. After his friend mentioned an old VW Beetle of his, well, the gears started shifting and “Boomer Bugs” was born, embodying that little touch of California cool we all know and love. Dude…. it’s just a killer tie man.


Winnin’ in Linen.



The Perfect Summer Tie

Here at Bird Dog Bay, we have always been known for our certain brand of sophisticated whimsy. Steve Mayer, our founder, designer, and resident dog walker, illustrates roughly forty designs per collection twice per year. For ages now, Steve has been working on our unique whimsical silks, but each new season brings a number of traditional options, as well.

Linen Stripe, as seen here, is one of those “traditional” designs. When designing Linen Stripe, Steve did not set out to reinvent the wheel, but only hoped to teach an old dog new tricks. Instead of utilizing silk as exclusively done in the past, he opted for a 50/50 blend of silk and linen to give the tie a great seasonal feel. This combination allows the tie to have a remarkably casual feel, making it the perfect match with a seersucker suit or navy blazer for those more casual summer occasions.

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Bird Dog Bay Open Season Boxers

Steve has taken his most successful silk designs and printed them on 100% cotton boxer for all you sporting enthusiasts. Made of high quality cotton, these boxers have a comfortable cut with no tag on the back, as well as a seamless backside… This means no itching or “riding up” if you catch my drifty. They are a great gift and who doesn’t need more underwear… The hunting orange color makes them every sportsman’s dream pair of boxers. They come to you gift packaged and are sure to be a “blast”… Give em’ a try, you will call us back to order more.