Horse Play: Tie – Lime

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Whether thoroughbred racers or fox hunters, equestrian themes have always had a strong presence in our collections. This latest design, Horse Play, incorporates the fun touch for which we’re known. Featuring a pony alarmed by his pinata pal, it is sure to elicit smiles no matter where you wear it.


Our regular ties are 58″ long and 3.25″ inches wide. Each one is hand-printed on 18 momme, 100% silk, and constructed by hand. Made in the USA. Our ties come pre-packaged in our signature gift box.

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Additional Colors

  • Horse Play: Tie - Coral

    Horse Play: Tie – Coral

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  • Horse Play: Tie - Blue

    Horse Play: Tie – Blue

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  • Horsin' Around: Tie - Mid Blue

    Horsin’ Around: Tie – Mid Blue

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  • Lucky Horseshoe: Tie - Coral

    Lucky Horseshoe: Tie – Coral

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  • Horseshoe Heaven: Tie - Navy

    Horseshoe Heaven: Tie – Navy

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