Royal Wulff Club: Bow – Navy

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Hungry like the wulff! While it’s not everyday we get to make Duran Duran puns, this fly pattern is sure to reel in the compliments day in and day out.


This ‘Royal Wulff Club’ design is specially made from 100% woven silk. Crafted by hand in the USA.Each of our bow ties are outfitted with a fastener next to the hardware slide, allowing them to be tied and unhooked. Our bow ties are adjustable from 15″ to 18”, with a width of 2.5”. Our designs are 100% silk, and constructed by hand.

Made in the USA.

All bows are to-tie, not pre-tied. If you’d like us to pre-tie before shipping, please let us know in the order notes section at checkout.

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