A Bird Dog Bay Spring Break

Ah, it’s that time of year–the time where some abandon schoolwork, others abandon real world work, and all descend on warmer climates for a week of sun and relaxation.

While Bird Dog Bay is undoubtedly rooted in some more formal settings, we nonetheless have a variety of goods which can serve one well in the sand or dinner at the club. Featured below are a few of our goods tailored for this time of year, all of which are available at online at http://www.birddogbay.com.

The first item is our ever popular Gus Cap.  Featured in five different colors with a leather adjustable strap, our Gus Cap is named for none other than Bird Dog Bay’s favorite misbehavin’ four-legged friend. Perfect for those warm rays, the Gus Cap will do a fine job of keeping the sun out of your eyes whether posted up with a cold one in the sand or a stogie on the front nine.

Perhaps a visor is more your style? We’ve got those featured, too. 

Gis Cap

While many of us don caps while out and about on the town, there are those who don’t … and there are also those whose hats are commandeered by their significant others! To ensure your Bird Dog Bay fix is accounted for, however, we also offer our Embroidered Gus T-Shirts Like our Gus Caps, the Gus Tee is ideal from the trip from your cabana to the waterfront. Featured on the front left breast of the shirt is again our famous Gus, and this showcase will ensure you’re “top dog” in the waves.


Many spring break destinations are chosen to shed the jackets and ties of corporate life; rest assured, however, if you need to “put on the dog” for a nice dinner out, we have you covered, as well.



Up first is our new “Shark Week” tie.  New from our Spring/Summer 2014 line and coming in coral, turquoise, and blue, “Shark Week” is the perfect whimsical twist for a seaside venture. “Shark Week” features both Great White and Hammerhead sharks, not to mention the inclusion of a small Scuba Steve, too!

While “Shark Week” is a surefire winner, perhaps you’ve opted to visit Amity Island and don’t wish to revisit the summer of ’75. In this case, our “Neapolitan Plaid” tie, also from our Spring/Summer collection, is definitely up to the task of keeping you in order.  Available in green, pink, yellow, and blue, this tailored take on a classic plaid allows one to stand out in just the right way, perfect with a navy blazer and oxford at a seaside dinner.

No matter the location and no matter the setting, Bird Dog Bay has you covered for every occasion. Make your Spring Break a memorable one with Bird Dog Bay.


Collar Stays

  1. modelcollarstayClean Your Dirty Nails
    It’s Monday morning and you’ve got an important new client meeting in five minutes. You spent the bulk of your Sunday resodding the backyard and it’s apparent when you look down at your soil tipped fingernails as you rush to the elevator. You know the importance of first impressions and the value of showing this guy you’re not a hobo that jumps train-cars for a living.  Your quick thinking pays off as you pull out your Bird Dog Bay Collar Stay and do a remarkable clean up job on the way up to the 34th floor… Your fast-on-your-feet mental wit helps you land that client, and of course, now have a great story for the passengers of the elevator on the way down.