Top it Off


Top Shelf

We introduced our dress shirts two years ago, born of the idea that these shirts would not be inexpensive, replaceable, or looking to compromise. You won’t find any cute logo on the breast, flashy neon threading, or gimmicky collar styles. These shirts are 100% Egyptian Cotton, built with 17 stitches per inch, crafted at one of the world’s oldest and most respected shirt makers, Italy’s Tessitura-Monti.

They are long-term staples that you will find yourself pulling out of your closet more than any other shirt, and they are up to the task. Don’t anticipate any loose buttons or collar fray here; instead expect world class construction with thoughtful touches, such as French placket, mitered cuffs, horizontal bottom button, and traditional fit.
But don’t take our word for it, since our introduction of dress shirts, we’ve had exactly zero returns due to quality. Sure, sometimes you need to exchange for a different size, or collar type, and with our hassle-free returns and exchanges, we’re happy to help.

We can be reached at (312) 631-3108 and customerservice@birddogbay.com


Our New Tees Are Here!


Tee it Up!

Our new tees are back and better than ever! We worked hard to make them even softer, using the renowned tanguis cotton, characterized by its long, uniform fibers, ensuring years of breathable comfort! With a 30/1 yarn count and double needle stitching, these pre-shrunk beauties are ready to go right out the gate, whether you are sprinting across the quad or reaching for your waders and rod.

Our new shirts are available as long sleeves – Black Lab and Jumping Trout – and short sleeves – America, Pointer, and our trusty Gus logo in coral and mint.
Going a little more informal does not mean you have to give up quality, and we hope you take us up on our promise that this will be your new favorite tee.

As always, we are here to help! Have a question about fit? Want to send a gift message? Have someone who’s hard to buy for? Drop us a line at customerservice@birddogbay.com, or give us a ring at (312) 631-3108.


Made in America


Handmade in the USA

When Steve Mayer drew our inaugural line ten years ago, he knew silk was the perfect medium to capture small, whimsical details. Whether one of our canine friends suffering from a cone problem, a bottoms-up duck, or a pony’s piñata pal, our sophisticated whimsy is all about the details. We exclusively utilize 100% 18 momme silk, renowned for its weight, durability, and quality. We are proud to work with skilled artisans in the United States that share our vision and commitment to detail and making the best neckwear in your closet.


Hip to Be Square! Our Pocket Squares are Restocked


Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

It’s hard to get more versatile than a pocket square – and we make finding the perfect choice easy. There’s really nothing better for complementing a tie, and the combination of the two is a surefire conversation starter. Going less buttoned-up? No problem, these beauties are a great way to show your signature style.

Our pocket squares are available in our classic printed silk, as well as white linen, and all of them start as hand drawn sketches by our founder, Steve.

Don’t wear your personality on your sleeve – wear it in your pocket!


Make Room in your Bag of Treats


Time to Get Dressed Up

Treat yourself to some spirited dry goods this Halloween. From our pima cotton dress socks to our English woven pedigree ties to our silk cufflinks, there’s some spooky sophistication for everyone.

Fun fact: Bird Dog Bay’s founder and sole illustrator, Steve, was raised in a town called, get this, Sleepy Hollow. Every year around this time the town embraces its namesake with some first rate reenactments and a large bonfire. We’ve celebrated the hometown with our ‘Van Tassel’ dress shirt, the surname of Ichabod Crane’s gorgeous gal. Watch out for that headless horseman!

So, make room in that candy bag for some real treats this Halloween! As always feel free to drop us a line at customerservice@birddogbay.com or (312) 631-3108 to chat, ask for advice, or share a ghost story or two.


Only One Day Left to Save 25%


Our Tenth Anniversary Sale Ends Tomorrow

Continue to save with coupon code “DECADE” for 25% off almost everything (due to their custom nature, boys’ ties, leather goods, belts, and sweaters cannot be included). Open season on everything else!

Our collection sure has grown since just whimsical neckties in 2006, and we look forward to another great ten years and beyond!

Questions? Drop us a line at customerservice@birddogbay.com


Save 25% with our Ten Year Anniversary Sale!


Time Flies!

It’s been exactly ten years since Bird Dog Bay went live online, and we want to thank you, our supporters and friends. Please use coupon code “DECADE” for 25% off almost everything (due to their custom nature, boys’ ties, leather goods, belts, and sweaters cannot be included. Open season on everything else!

Our collection sure has grown since just whimsical neckties in 2006, and we look forward to another great ten years and beyond!

Questions? Drop us a line at customerservice@birddogbay.com


Blue Ribbon Shirting: The Ludlow


The Shirt You Won’t Stop Reaching For

There are some shirts you grab when it’s time to power through the weekday, and some for the easy going weekend. Some shirts are for errand-running in the city, others are for errant running in the backyard. Whether you’re wearing wingtips or sneakers, the Ludlow is the shirt for you. It features all the hallmarks of our blue ribbon dress shirts, but what really sets it apart is its construction of double-combed Egyptian cotton. Combed cotton has a slightly heavier weight and a much softer feel than its firmer cousin; this is not your father’s starched-to-the-stars shirt. It’s hard working, flexible, and comfortable – perfect for the give and take of your week.

It truly must be felt to be believed, and with our hassle-free returns and exchanges, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

Don’t forget to layer – the weight of the combed cotton means this is a great pick for the falling autumn temperatures, and it pairs perfectly with one of our handcrafted, custom merino or cashmere sweaters (our top color picks for this match are Maple Leaf and Kingfisher).


Dress to the Nines, You’ll Look Like a 10!


Game, Set, Match!

Black tie optional? Not with our best-selling cummerbund sets – you’ll want to wear ‘em any chance you get! No matter if you’re headed to a wedding, formal, gala, fundraiser, or other swanky soirée, your cummerbund set does matter, and our 18 momme, 100% silk sets the new standard.

We offer 72 patterns to choose from, ranging from the popular houndstooth and best-selling tartan to golf club-swingin’ shellfish and beer-quaffing quails – there’s something for everyone.

We even have the non-believers covered. Do you know someone who will only wear a cummerbund when pigs fly? We have that too! 
Our hand-made cummerbunds expand from 34 inches to 54 inches. Our cummerbund sets include the matching bow tie, which we are happy to pre-tie for you, so you can hook it on and head out – no hesitation.

Don’t forget, we offer a lot of matching themes in our pima cotton dress socks and are happy to make any recommendations. We can be reached at (312) 631-3108 and at customerservice@birddogbay.com.


A True Original


Our One of a Kind Fly Links

We didn’t invent the cufflink, but we did invent the best hand-tied, authentic material and reproduction fly fishing cufflinks. A category with limited competition? Sure, but that’s never held us back before (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C) and it didn’t stop us this time from sourcing the best materials and artisans for our unique concept. Each one is a carefully crafted replica of a classic fly, using the same materials and coloration as the original. From the timeless Royal Wulff, to the trout targeting Bloody Mary, to the ‘bomber’ Green Machine, our fly links are practically tackle box ready.

Each fly link is designed specifically to fit in either the right or left cuff, and features reinforced hardware for lifetime use (wedding dance floor field tests reveal they thrive during active, if terrible, rug-cutting). They’re sure to make your outfit look sharp, but don’t worry, there are only mock hooks here. Plus, they come in our signature gift boxes, constructed from bamboo, the same material used in most classic, handcrafted rods.

If you’re looking for your next talked-about-for-years gift, you’ve landed a winner. Don’t cast a wide net, go with the originals that will have you reeling in compliments.


Caution – These Pants Might Get Poached!


They’re Too Good


It might shock you to learn we don’t wear our shirts, ties, and sweaters, to bed or around the house on the weekends. Sometimes we like to keep it a little more casual and our blue ribbon lounge pants are the perfect choice for a little lazy relaxation. Our field tests, however, do reveal something truly surprising – they have a habit of getting stolen. Wives, girlfriends, brothers, cousins, sisters, roommates – you name it – seem to swipe these softies whenever we’re not looking.

What isn’t a mystery is why – with a covered elastic band and flush satin tag, the waist alone makes a strong case. Not to mention the sheathed side and back seams, which make lounging in that easy chair of yours perhaps too easy. But really it’s the 100% premium cotton really seals the deal, as each pair gets softer and softer with each wear.

We’re not complaining these are popular, (ok maybe a little bit) but be warned any pair you buy for yourself or receive as a gift may have a way of finding their way to your housemate’s closet.

Happy shopping, and as always feel free to drop us a line at customerservice@birddogbay.com, or give us a ring at (312) 631-3108. If you have any stories of housemates stealing your BDB because they love it so much, let us know, we are all about good yarns.


Introducing Our Custom Goods


Our New Custom Program is On Point

For our founder and sole illustrator Steve Mayer, the best compliment he can receive is seeing someone wear his work. Just like when he founded Bird Dog Bay ten years ago, he still hand draws every single design. Steve is happy to use his experience and attention to detail to help you bring your custom design to life, and is the perfect thing for your club, school, organization, event, or something we haven’t even thought of yet! Speaking of perfect, placing your order now ensures delivery in time for the holiday season, making for an ideal, and truly unique gift.

Custom goods are available for neckties, women’s scarves, bow ties, cummerbund sets, pocket squares, socks, belts, tote bags, cufflinks, and more! Please note we do have minimums, and are unfortunately unable create one-off or very small group orders. For more information, drop us a line at customerservice@birddogbay.com, or give us a ring at (312) 631-3108.
We look forward to working with you on your project!