Tie Knots: The Pratt

At Bird Dog Bay, we take pride in the look and design of our ties. Why, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. We love what we do. It brings us no small amount of joy to know that men across the country can count on us when it comes to adding style and flair to their wardrobe. From shirts to cummerbund sets, our quality can’t be beat. Passion and care go into each and every one of our products. Consider our neckties; each one is made from 100% silk and features hand-printed designs care of our founder and illustrator, Steve Mayer. We love our ties, and we know you will too.

In honor of our extensive necktie collection, we started a series all about the art of the tie knot. So far we have covered the Windsor and its smaller cousin the Half Windsor. Today we are going to continue our special series on tie knots with the Pratt Knot.

The Pratt Knot

The Pratt Knot originates in the United States during the 1940s and was a common enough knot throughout the following decades. But the knot really gained popularity in the 1980s when Jerry Pratt, a former employee of the U.S. Commerce Department employee showed up at a local news station on a mission to fix news anchor Don Shelby’s tie. The story goes that Shelby fell in love with the knot, and it was he who made the knot famous. That is why the knot is sometimes referred to as the Shelby Knot or the Pratt-Shelby Knot.

Wearing the Pratt-Shelby

This knot can be worn in a variety of events and circumstances, be they semi-formal or formal. It is a medium-sized knot that works well for men who have moderate proportions. It is a good option for men who are essentially dwarfed beneath the weight of a Full Windsor Knot. It works best with medium to lightweight fabrics.

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Tie Knots: The Half Windsor

flylinks_c_imageHere at Bird Dog Bay, we want for each man to enjoy the style and confidence that comes with wearing a tie. Ties are a cornerstone of men’s fashion, and no one should go tie-less because he doesn’t know about the many fantastic ways to tie a tie knot. In our last post, we took a closer look at the Windsor Knot. If you missed it, here is a brief rundown:

  • The Windsor is also known as the Full Windsor or the Double Windsor
  • It likely originated with King George V of England
  • The Windsor is a wide knot, suited to wide, thick ties
  • Men with longer necks benefit from the width of the tie as it shortens the perceived height of the neck

This week, we are going to move on to the next knot in our series, the Half Windsor.

The Half Windsor

The Half Windsor, otherwise known as the single Windsor knot, produces a trim, neat, triangular knot. It is similar to its cousin the Full Windsor, but it is less bulky and better suited to fabrics that are more lightweight and less thick. It is a better knot option for men who have a broader chest as is uses less of the tie than other knots. Here are some of the other attributes of the Half Windsor:

  • Medium in size
  • Symmetrical knot
  • Produces a deep dimple
  • Business appropriate
  • Easy to learn
  • Plays well with point collars, medium spread collars, and button down shirts

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Tie Knots: The Windsor

Ties are a men’s fashion staple. They are the foundation upon which all other fashion depends. Whether it’s formal wear or for the workplace, neckties are the element that brings cohesion and style to every outfit. Every style-conscious gent should have a signature collection of ties ready to go at a moment’s notice. One very common reason why some guys hesitate to incorporate ties into their wardrobe is that they don’t know how to tie a tie. Some (we shudder to think) aren’t even aware that there are several different ways to tie a tie. At Bird Dog Bay, we believe that every man has a right to look and feel his most dashing. That’s why we are proud to offer such a wide selection of hand-printed, hand-constructed, 100% silk ties, and it’s also why we have decided to write this series. No man should go tie-less for the simple lack of knowledge. So without further ado, we are proud to present the Windsor knot.

The Windsor Knot

The Windsor, otherwise known as the Full Windsor or as a Double Windsor, is thought to have originated with Edward III, Duke of Windsor. However, it is actually more likely that the knot comes to us from his father, George V who was particularly partial to wide knots.

When tied correctly, the Windsor knot is comfortably tight and won’t slip away from the collar throughout the day. Symmetrical and well-balanced, the Windsor knot is perfectly paired with patterned ties as it will display the print nicely. This particular knot looks great on men with longer necks, as the width balances out the length.

Stay posted until next time! We will be taking a closer look at the Half Windsor Knot. In the meantime, for all of your men’s fashion accessory needs, shop Bird Dog Bay. Browse our selection today!


Our ties are always Best-in-Show. Shop Bird Dog Bay ties today!


Unique Tie Knots

dreamstime_xxl_20462790When you want to look chic and polished, we know you always reach for your silk tie from Bird Dog Bay. After all, no one knows style like we do. One look at Steve’s hand-drawn illustrations and that becomes undeniable fact. But what do you do when you want to take the fantastic up a couple notches? You could opt for one of our cummerbund sets, which, if you are going to a formal event, would be our highest recommendation. However, we don’t think that your co-workers can handle that on a day-to-day basis. There is only so much cool they can take. To spruce up your everyday look, there are some simple secrets that we are happy to impart, straight from us to you. Unique tie knots are a sure-fire way to bring some pizazz to your outfit.

The Eldredge

As unorthodox as it is eye-catching, the Eldredge was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge in 2007. It achieved unparalleled internet fame as far as tie knots go in 2008. The Eldredge knot is not for the faint of heart; it is a complex knot that involves 15 separate steps. The number of steps involved certainly up the difficulty, but the fact that it is hard to adjust once you get rolling also ups the ante. One little slip-up, and it’s back to square one. But the challenge makes the success that much greater. You will need to have a longer tie to pull this knot off as it uses up quite a bit of fabric. This might not be the best knot for taller gents, as it tends to shorten the tie significantly.

The Trinity

For those holy rovers out there, the Trinity knot is just what the doctor ordered. A relatively recent innovation, the Trinity echoes the ancient Celtic Triquetra knots from the emerald isle of Éire. An unparalleled blend of tradition, symmetry, and style makes this knot a hallmark of master knot-crafters. While the Trinity is not as difficult of a knot as the Eldredge, but it is every bit as impressive. It doesn’t require as much fabric as the Eldredge either, making it a better option for taller men than does the Eldredge. However, be sure to have adequate fabric; as with any tie, length is key to nailing just the right look. For the more advanced knot-tyers among us, we suggest opting for a pattern with stripes. If you get this knot just right, the stripes will converge in the center of the knot, creating a nifty pinwheel effect that will leave everyone impressed.

Turkey Trot: Tie - RedThe Ediety (a.k.a. The Merovingian)

The Ediety knot has reached a level of Hollywood fame that most other knots can only ever dream about thank to “The Matrix.” While the knot has been around for quite some time (some sources claim that the knot got its start sometime in the 1920s) it was “The Matrix” trilogy that put it on the map. In fact, the Ediety has now been fairly effectively renamed “The Merovingian” knot as a nod to the ever cool as a cucumber Frenchman of the same name in the films. This knot is unique in that the narrow part of the tie actually ends up in the front. Because of this, this knot is best worn with a vest, blazer, cardigan, etc. to hide the unseemly ends. The fabric consumption on this bad boy is high, so be sure to have a long enough tie. This knot is also a great sport when it comes to experimenting with patterns, so go ahead, buy that Turkey Trot Extra Long Tie for your Thanksgiving Festivities. There is no better way to salute that most delicious of fowl or to look so stylish and charming.

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