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Tee Sale 2016

Beach and Barbecue Chic

Now through this Sunday night, pick up any of our t-shirts for 30% off! With sizes available from small through XXL, our t-shirts are the perfect choice when cooking up some burgers on the grill or heading to the beach.

With long sleeve and short sleeve options available, we have the perfect shirt no matter your preference. Choose from one of our fun, festive designs like “Hunt Club” or “Black Lab Heaven” alongside our classic logo shirt. Each shirt makes a great gift for those more casual occasions all summer long.

Any questions? Just want to talk? Give us a ring at (312) 631-3108, 8am-5pm Monday through Friday CST. We will be closed on July 4th.”


Blue Ribbon Shirting – The Berwyn

Blue Ribbon Shirting- Berwyn

Your Shirting Blueprint

The Berwyn is one of our Italian-milled, 100% Egyptian combed cotton dress shirts. Featuring posted buttons, a front pocket, and a button down collar, the Berwyn is a versatile piece guaranteed to become a staple in your wardrobe. Whether paired with your favorite shorts and a cold one or a navy blazer and khakis, its light weave will keep you cool even as the temperature rises.

A tattersall composed of intersecting turquoise and navy lines, the Berwyn was designed by Steve to match our neckwear for the full Bird Dog Bay look. When paired with one of our Pedigree ties or bows, for example, it provides the wearer with balance between the Berwyn’s tight check and the Pedigree’s more open pattern.

Don’t forget to complete the look with one of our handcrafted merino or cashmere quarter zip sweaters. Perfect for once the sun goes down, or that afternoon sailing trip turns into a midnight cruise. With tonal elbow patches and shoulder patches, they are the perfect complement to our sporting whimsy.”


Born in the USA

4th of July 2016

Born and Bred

This Fourth of July, look no further than Bird Dog Bay when searching for that perfect patriotic accessory. Whether one of our neckties, bow ties, or a set of our silk cufflinks born and bred in Chicago, we have the ideal piece to add a certain flair at that celebratory cocktail party or cookout.

With whimsical neckwear like “American Labs” and “Patriotic Pinchers” coupled with traditional ones like our “Stafford Stripe,” the options are endless! These designs, in addition to our English-woven, American-made Pedigree Collection, make the perfect conversation piece for America’s birthday. If things are a little less formal, our America! socks are sure to make you the life of the party.”


Bird Calls: Horse Play

BC-Horse Play

A Horse, of Course!

Hailing from a small Chicago suburb called Sleepy Hollow, Steve always had a wealth of animals in his house and yard. Dogs, cats, birds, and even pet alligators took up residence at the Mayer household, all which backed up into a farm full of cows and horses. With a childhood reminiscent of Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, it’s no surprise that many of these animals make their way into Bird Dog Bay collections.

Horses are one animal that have been front and center in almost every Bird Dog Bay release. Typically, fall and winter collections feature fox hunting motifs while the spring and summer months make way for those geared toward the Triple Crown and thoroughbred racing. We’ve embraced other horse motifs along the way like lucky horseshoes, but it seems we always find our way back to these majestic animals.

“Horse Play,” a design born just this season, is one of our fun equestrian designs that doesn’t fit into any particular mold. Featuring a grazing stallion coupled with a colorful piñata, “Horse Play” showcases just what happens–surprise!–when two very different worlds collide. A fun, festive number, “Horse Play” pairs perfectly with one of our Italian-milled dress shirts and a navy blazer for some cheeky fun–perfect for horsin’ around.”


Today Only: Free 2 Day Shipping on All Orders Over $100!

Dad's Day 4

No gift yet? No problem!

Only four days left until Dad’s Big Day! All orders over $100 placed before 3pm CST receive FREE 2-Day Shipping. If you’ve waited until the last minute, no problem! For effortless gift giving, try our shirt and tie gift sets for a sharp-dressed Dad. More casual? Can do! Check out our 12 gauge gift sets, available for both our pima cotton socks and our seamless, ultra-comfy boxers.
This promotion excludes boys’ ties and belts, as well as XL ties, due to their hand-made, custom nature.
Happy Father’s Day and Happy Shopping!”


Our Best Sellers for Father’s Day

Dads Day 3

Only a Few Days Left!

Only a limited time remaining for our top dog Father’s Day Sale! Have the old man looking best in show with one of our unique Bird Dog Bay ties, shirts or other whimsical accessories. Is Dad a little picky? Try a Bird Dog Bay gift certificate and let him choose on his own. Hurry, though, there’s not much time left!”


Bird Calls: Hook, Line & Stripers

BC-Hook Line and Stripers

Reel ‘Em In

One of the things for which Bird Dog Bay is best known is our sporting designs. Two of our fan favorites from our first collections include “Sittin’ Shotgun” and “Hooked On Flies,” classics which have stood the test of time. Steve, an amateur fly fisherman himself, has paid tribute to his hobby in a number ways in our tie designs and product offerings (our Fly Link cufflinks, for example) over the years.

“Hook, Line & Stripers” was initially introduced in 2013 under a different name, “Summer Stripers.” While the motif and initial illustration work were essentially the same, Steve made a few changes for its inclusion in this season’s collection. The original “Summer Stripers” came in select shades of blue, green, and fuchsia; while the colors were terrific for the summer, Steve hoped to rework his design and the colors to make it more accessible.

This season, with pencil in hand, Steve was able to craft a new take on his old design to rave reviews. First, he modified the size and arrangement of the stripers and the accompanying lures into a tighter, more compact pattern. Steve’s decision to do so was lead by our current run of Italian-milled dress shirts: with many open shirting patterns for the season, he hoped to provide a juxtaposition with a tighter silk pattern. Additionally, the colors were changed from their initial run, with “Hook, Line & Stripers” arriving this season in blue, coral, and seafoam. These three colors, perfect for the warm weather, pair brilliantly with your navy blazer and a great sunset no matter the occasion.”


Like Father, Like Son – Our Sale Continues!

Dad's Day 2

Dress Like Dad
While we’ve made our mark in outfitting some stylish dads over the past ten years, we’ve done our best to cater to those in waiting. Since our inception, Bird Dog Bay has been proud to also offer our fun, whimsical neckties and bow ties to little ones. This spring, look no further than our unrivaled selection when getting together for Father’s Day brunch or assembling that outfit for your family’s next photoshoot.

Bird Dog Bay’s boys neckties are all custom made in our Chicago studio by our in-house seamstress. With three sizes available, we can accommodate every boy from your youngest tot to those about to graduate to an adult necktie. Even better? Any pattern available in a men’s tie can be made into a boys’ necktie, allowing your son to match dear old dad. As for boys’ bow ties, we have a great selection of them ready to wear, but they cannot be custom made at this time.

Due to the manufacturing process for boys’ neckties, please add three days to your expected arrival time. Additionally, given the custom nature of the neckties, all boys’ neckties are non-refundable.”


Our Best Ever Father’s Day Sale!

Dad's Day Kickoff


Give Dad something as colorful as he is! Whether he enjoys sailing, fishing, golfing, hunting, or just taking the dog for a walk, we have the perfect gifts for him. Our Best in Show Father’s Day Sale features a variety of ways to save a few bucks this year.

Get 15% off any size order when using coupon code DADS15, spend $200 or more and receive 25% off with DADS25, or 35% off any order of $500 or more with DADS35. Just enter the appropriate coupon code in the box at checkout!

We’re also pleased to announce free standard USPS ground shipping on any order for the month of June. Just like Dad’s best story, don’t let this one be “the one that got away,” shop now and save big!

Please note coupons may not be combined. If you would like expedited shipping and/or shipping with UPS, regular rates apply. Don’t be a stranger; feel free to call us at (312) 631-3108 at regular business hours.”

Sale ends Thursday, June 16, 2016.


Rock Your Bow Tie Like a Champ



There are some in this world who fail to recognize the wonder that is the men’s bow tie. But you, dear reader, you are not one of those fools, those mere mortals who lack the style, the finesse, to rock a Bird Dog Bay silk bow tie. Our ties are unlike those common bow ties you’ll find at big chain retail stores, those sad, pale imitations. No, our ties are made of 100% silk, woven in England and assembled here in the USA. Better still, each of our ties features hand-drawn patterns designed by our very own Steve Mayer, our founder and sole illustrator. Bird Dog Bay bow ties have swagger to match even the most confident gentleman. Take your game even higher with these pro tips from Bird Dog Bay.


All-Star Bow Tie Tips

bowtie-image1-1Do it Yourself

If you really want to show the world how slick your style is and how serious you are, you need to learn to tie your own bow ties. Just skip those clip-ons and pre-tied varieties and walk into the realm of independence and self-reliance. Donning a bow tie puts you in a category all your own. Like Grand Pappy always says, anything worth doing is worth doing right. And with bow ties, the time you spend doing it right is an investment that will pay style dividends all week long.

Perfect Effortless

A common mistake that many gents make is assuming that their bow tie needs to be perfect. Perfect sized knot, perfect symmetry, perfect bow tie. Well, we hate to knock you perfectionists out there, but there is an art to the imperfect. Quite frankly, perfecting the imperfect bow tie can be even more challenging than making sure all your angles and proportions align. And there is charm in an asymmetrical bow tie. It shows that you tied it yourself, that you have the courage to attempt a feat that most men won’t even consider. While those other dudes are sporting a regular silk tie, you have struck out on you own, dared to be different, and you did it your way. Sinatra would be proud.

Timing is Everything

bowtie-image2-1Like a true bow tie professional, one of the things that sets you apart is knowing when and when not to sport your bow tie. Discretion is the better part of valor, and there are times when situations warrant a different style (when these situations arise, Bird Dog Bay has you covered; our silk ties are just as stylish as our bow ties). It’s important to be aware of different protocols for different social situations or else risk looking like a bow tie amateur. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Bow Ties Welcome

  • Formal events like weddings
  • At the office
  • Religious services
  • Brunch
  • Date night
  • Today, just because you want to wear one

Reconsider the Bow Tie

  • Somber events like funerals.
  • Funerals. Wait, we said that one already. Okay, so the only place we can think of that bow ties may not be the best option is funerals. So go ahead, rock your bow tie all day, every day like a boss.

For silk bow ties that wow, inspire, or just make you laugh, Bird Dog Bay has the style you are looking for. Browse our selection and start rockin’ your bow tie like a pro today.


Unique Tie Knots

dreamstime_xxl_20462790When you want to look chic and polished, we know you always reach for your silk tie from Bird Dog Bay. After all, no one knows style like we do. One look at Steve’s hand-drawn illustrations and that becomes undeniable fact. But what do you do when you want to take the fantastic up a couple notches? You could opt for one of our cummerbund sets, which, if you are going to a formal event, would be our highest recommendation. However, we don’t think that your co-workers can handle that on a day-to-day basis. There is only so much cool they can take. To spruce up your everyday look, there are some simple secrets that we are happy to impart, straight from us to you. Unique tie knots are a sure-fire way to bring some pizazz to your outfit.

The Eldredge

As unorthodox as it is eye-catching, the Eldredge was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge in 2007. It achieved unparalleled internet fame as far as tie knots go in 2008. The Eldredge knot is not for the faint of heart; it is a complex knot that involves 15 separate steps. The number of steps involved certainly up the difficulty, but the fact that it is hard to adjust once you get rolling also ups the ante. One little slip-up, and it’s back to square one. But the challenge makes the success that much greater. You will need to have a longer tie to pull this knot off as it uses up quite a bit of fabric. This might not be the best knot for taller gents, as it tends to shorten the tie significantly.

The Trinity

For those holy rovers out there, the Trinity knot is just what the doctor ordered. A relatively recent innovation, the Trinity echoes the ancient Celtic Triquetra knots from the emerald isle of Éire. An unparalleled blend of tradition, symmetry, and style makes this knot a hallmark of master knot-crafters. While the Trinity is not as difficult of a knot as the Eldredge, but it is every bit as impressive. It doesn’t require as much fabric as the Eldredge either, making it a better option for taller men than does the Eldredge. However, be sure to have adequate fabric; as with any tie, length is key to nailing just the right look. For the more advanced knot-tyers among us, we suggest opting for a pattern with stripes. If you get this knot just right, the stripes will converge in the center of the knot, creating a nifty pinwheel effect that will leave everyone impressed.

Turkey Trot: Tie - RedThe Ediety (a.k.a. The Merovingian)

The Ediety knot has reached a level of Hollywood fame that most other knots can only ever dream about thank to “The Matrix.” While the knot has been around for quite some time (some sources claim that the knot got its start sometime in the 1920s) it was “The Matrix” trilogy that put it on the map. In fact, the Ediety has now been fairly effectively renamed “The Merovingian” knot as a nod to the ever cool as a cucumber Frenchman of the same name in the films. This knot is unique in that the narrow part of the tie actually ends up in the front. Because of this, this knot is best worn with a vest, blazer, cardigan, etc. to hide the unseemly ends. The fabric consumption on this bad boy is high, so be sure to have a long enough tie. This knot is also a great sport when it comes to experimenting with patterns, so go ahead, buy that Turkey Trot Extra Long Tie for your Thanksgiving Festivities. There is no better way to salute that most delicious of fowl or to look so stylish and charming.

Browse our selection of men’s neckties today!